9 Ways to Dominate Your Industry and Blow the Competition Away

Any person or business can become a dominant force in their field, but you must have guts.

If you want to stand out from crowd and become the point of comparison, you have to think outside the box, be creative, and do things others aren’t willing to do.

Most sales professionals and businesses I know put their blood, sweat, and tears growing their client base, but that usually involves doing the same types of things the competition is doing.  This typically includes attending networking events, direct mail, cold calling, word of mouth, newspaper or radio ads and e-mail newsletters.

All of these things can be effective in growing your business, but I think there are nine ways you can cement yourself as the “true” industry leader and expert.  Let me caution you, these nine ways aren’t easy and they very likely will take you out of your comfort zone, but if you want to dominate you have to take risks and be bold.

At this point in my career, I personally have not done all nine of these things….yet, but I am doing most of them and aspire to do them all at some point in my career.  My suggestion is to find 2-3 that would work best from your skill set and then go dominate.

9 Ways to Dominate Your Industry and Blow Your Competition Away.

1) Blogging

People are confused about blogging.  What is it?  Why should I do it?  In the simplest form, blogging is communication via written word on the internet.  It is not complicated and it is not hard.  It’s taking your thoughts and ideas on anything and writing them down where others can see.  It does not have to be perfect, but it must be uniquely you and offer value to others.  Does it take time and thought?  Definitely, but it provides and open channel of communication where you can share your knowledge with prospects and clients.

2) Public Speaking

This is a real tough one for most people.  It’s stated that the fear of  public speaking is greater than death.  That sounds a little drastic to me, but I have literally seen people shake before giving a speech so I know the fear is real.

The reality is that speaking in front of an audience gives you instant credibility and expertise.  Think about it, you have the full attention of the crowd for a period where you are providing value.  How do you think you make the biggest impression, making 20 cold calls or speaking in front of 20 people where you are the center of attention?  Duh!

If you are nervous about speaking and don’t know where to start, consider joining a local Toastmasters group.  It’s a great way to get your feet wet and get positive feedback on your speaking skills.

3) Get Published

How would a weekly, monthly, or quarterly published article in a local newspaper or trade magazine help in solidifying you as an expert in your field?  How about for building credibility?  You don’t sell your products or service in a published article, you sell yourself and your knowledge.   It takes time, relationships, and awesome content, but it works.

4) Webinars

Are you looking for a way to get more touches with your current clients or prospects.  Provide a VALUABLE webinar.  Make it about something your clients and prospects wouldn’t want to miss.  How can you help them be more productive, increase profit, save time, protect their assets, etc?  Whatever it is, figure it out and give a webinar to show them how to do it.

5) Video Testimonials

This one takes some courage, but if you have done a great job for your clients, ask them if they could do a brief video testimonial that you can put on you website or blog.  If they really like you (and not just put up with you), you may be surprised at how many will comply.  Imagine talking to a prospect and showing them video testimonials from other clients.  That is powerful stuff.

6) Podcasts

I listen to a different podcast about every day.  Some I listen to are really good and some are just ok, but I respect and give credibility to anyone who is putting out a podcast with relevant information.  Maybe speaking in public is simply not your thing.  OK, how about speaking into a computer?  Like all of these suggestions, it takes hustle, creativity, and hard work to put a podcast together, but imagine the results.

7) Get Involved in a Radio Show

I recently wrote a blog post about a local realtor, John Armstrong.  Check out that blog post and see what having your own radio show can do for your business.  It may take years to develop, but the return could be unbelievable.

8 ) Write a Book

You may be saying, “Come on Brent, I can’t write a book.”  Really?  I never thought about it either, but now that I have blogged for multiple years, it is something that I really want to do and completely think is possible.  I truly believe that we all have knowledge that others could benefit from and a book is an amazing way to share that information.  If you aren’t ready for a full book, why not try just an e-book?  Michael Hyatt has some great information about writing your first book.

I know some others in my business alone who have already done or are working on a book and they are my inspiration.   People like Matt Brown, Ryan Hanley, and Carrie Reynolds.  How many of your competitors have written a book?   Do you think giving your prospect or client a book your wrote would help you credibility?  Maybe just a little!!!

9) Leverage Social Media

This one has become a no-brainer, but if you are doing any combination of the eight ideas I mentioned, social media is the way to tell the world what you are doing to promote your ideas.  I use social media to find interesting articles, blog posts, podcasts, etc.  Social media is a medium to let others know how you can help them and where to find you.  Unseen + Untold = Unsold.  Let social media help tell the world how you help others.

The bottom line

I wouldn’t expect you to do all nine of these suggestions at the same time, but I do challenge you to try one or two of them that you haven’t tried before.  It very well may take you out of your comfort zone, but I think that means you are doing something right.

You have a choice.

The choice is yours.

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  • waltgoshert2


    Today, and especially in the insurance biz, there’s so much competition for your target customers that you’ve got to be the one that is going the extra mile, creating the content and standing out from the crowd if you want to win over clients.

    You don’t need to be everywhere…you do need to be everywhere your target market is.

    And you must in front of your target market in the most effective, efficient way possible.

    Yes, networking, cold calling, direct mail, offline ads work, but are they where your target market hangs? Today even lots of Seniors are online and seek information online.

    Great stuff for those with the moxie to actually do it.

    • No doubt about it. You have to find a way to stand out. Thanks and good luck!

  • Brent,

    This is a fantastic article brother… There are so many good thoughts here I don’t have anything else to add other than Awesome and I completely agree!!

    Ryan H.

  • Brent,
    What I love about this article is the fact it’s all real & actionable- “meat & potatoes” as I like to say. This is the kind of content that gets eyeballs. Thank you for giving me more ammunition for my marketing arsenal. And thanks for the shoutout about the book. First draft is almost done- I’m very excited and hope others are too. I’ll look for your book before the end of the year 😉

    • Brent Kelly

      Thanks Carrie. I do have long-term plans for a book, but I am not sure of the theme or timeline. Any suggestions? Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  • Robert McBeath

    Thanks for sharing this. Great game changing marketing strategies! Thanks for setting me on the right path, Brent.

    • brentmkelly

      Thanks Robert. I know you are ready to dominate. You are fired up and have a great attitude. Go get em.

  • Bradley Behrens

    Awesome article Brent! Would be curious to see where you think gaining referrals plays into this topic.

    • brentmkelly

      Brad, I think referrals are hugely important and a great way to build your business. All of these methods can help you go from asking for referrals to people going out there way to refer you. Thanks for your comment.

  • BertieDalls

    If you ever you find yourself thinking ”why aren’t people contacting me after all my cosy, intellectual, indirect marketing efforts?”, then maybe you should try something novel, like contacting them (cold calling). Cold calling done well, has a very definite place in selling (in some industries more than others) and always will.

    • brentmkelly

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that cold calling can and does work, and that strategic cold calling is more effective than simply dialing for dollars. That being said, these methods (when done correctly) can bring a much larger, engaged audience that already knows, likes, and trusts you. When they contact you (and they will if you are bringing them value), they are ready to buy.

      I certainly appreciate your viewpoint, and don’t discount those who have had success cold calling, but I would not mistake these methods as cozy. Speaking, writing, and creatively bringing value to your buyers takes smarts and hard work. That’s why most people don’t do it.

      • BertieDalls

        Of course, you are quite right regarding an up to date strategy, using a mix of media. However, cold calling is often dismissed and frowned upon, with the assumption that it’s just a downmarket scatter gun approach. Cold calling, like anything else, can be done well or done poorly. In our industry (B2B) it’s not just about working through a list using the same script and asking for the ‘decision maker’. A bit of website research pre call takes time, but can be very informative and can provide details regarding who’s who etc. A good knowledge of your own product/service, knowledge of the competition, and a bit of knowledge of potential customer always helps. Working hard is a given, but, as you indicate, it’s working smart that makes the difference.

        • brentmkelly

          Bertie, I think you make some great points and any work done with strategy and preparation will garner better results. I really appreciate your thoughts on this subject. Come back:)