4 Ways to Make the Ordinary….Extraordinary

Tony Dungy says, “Do the ordinary things better than anyone else and you will achieve excellence.”

Are you or your business looking for the “magic pill?” You know, that one secret thing that once you find will propel and carry you to dynamic success.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but that “magic pill” doesn’t exist so stop searching for it.

I believe that every person and organization should dream big. I mean really big. In fact, I think you should dream so big it scares you.

At the same time, you have to start small.

When I have studied successful business leaders, I have noticed a common thread. They all have big visions, but they do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

They have learned 4 keys of starting small but believing big described in John Maxwell’s best selling book, “Intentional Living.”

Here are the 4 keys John discusses.

1) Start Where You Are

Have you have looked at a successful business owner or sales producer and thought, “That’s where I want to be?” I know I sure have. I used to look at famous speakers and think, “Why am I not there yet?”

To do the big things you must first be diligent in the small things.

2) Start With Your One Thing

What is the one thing that you seem to have a natural talent for? I think that we often spend too much time working on our weaknesses that it prevents us from shining in our strengths.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “One is not born into the world to do everyone, but to do something.”

What is your something?

3) Watch your words

When I work with coaching clients, I can often tell their current status by the listening to the words they are using. Words carry serious power. 

What words are you using everyday? Are the lifting you up or holding you back?

You may think it’s only words, but I believe in the notion that you become what you think about and your words are usually transference from what is deep within you.

4) Make the simple changes first

I always ask during a training workshop if anyone would be interested in improving their effectiveness by 50% this year. Effectiveness is subjective, but let’s just use money as it is an easy example. Would you be interested in going from $50,000/year to $75,000/year? Would you be interested in going from $100,000 to $150,000 in one year? Those may seem like large jumps, but that is only 1% a week.

Small improvements in consistent daily behavior lead to huge results.

What is one small change you can begin making today?

Start small, but dream big and begin to make the ordinary….extraordinary!

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