4 Lessons I Learned in 4 Days From the World’s #1 Sales Trainer

If you are in sales or have ever been in sales, the name Jeffrey Gitomer, should be very familiar.  If it’s not, you are missing insight from who I believe is the world’s #1 expert on sales.

I recently was able to spend four days with Jeffrey in Charlotte, NC.  I was part of his new program, Gitomer Certified Advisors.

I have read almost all of Jeffrey’s books, been trained on his online training platform (super cool stuff), and listened to number of speeches.

However, these four days were focused on transferring his knowledge, passion, and belief in sales and instill this in his new advisors.

 Let me first say this, I would not have even considered this program without 100% believing in the following two statements.

1)   I believe that Jeffrey’s sales philosophies are the best out there.  Period.

2)   I believe that all salespeople need to understand and implement these philosophies.

I took hundreds of new ideas back with me after I left, but I wanted to share the four lessons that were the most important to me, and that I believe can also be of great value to you.

1. You must be a lifelong student

I consider myself a student of sales.  I want to learn more, grow more, and share more.   I am and always will be a lifelong student.

The great thing is that even though Jeffrey Gitomer has been in sales training for 40 years, he also considers himself a student.  His list of mentors (Jim Rohn, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, etc.) go on and on.  He has learned mountains of information at the age of 67, but he feels he still has much to learn.

That’s the first lesson I learned.  You must be a lifetime student.  There is no top of the mountain.  There is always more to know and room to grow.

2. The best way to get loyalty is to give loyalty

We all want loyalty. We desire loyalty from our spouses, our kids, our friends, our co-workers, and our customers.

However, loyalty is not a right.  Loyalty is earned.

The only way to earn loyalty is to freely give it away.  Yes, giving loyalty can make you vulnerable, but it also makes you desirable.

Giving loyalty means you believe in the person you are giving it to.

Think about the people in your life that are loyal to you.  Why?  Think of those that aren’t as loyal to you?  Why?

If you want loyalty from loved ones and business contacts, you have one choice.  Give it first.

3. Live the moment, not just your life

Each moment in our life we have option.  We can simply live in it, or we can act on it.

Do you smile, or just sit there?

Do you go out of your way to say thank you, or just assume they appreciated your service?

Do you seize the opportunity, or let is pass you by?

These are all moments.  Capture each one.  Don’t let life just drag you around.  Take action.  Take positive action.

4. Writing leads to wealth

I have known Jeffrey Gitomer has talked about the importance of writing since I first read, “The Little Red Book of Selling” almost 10 years ago.  I believed it then, but didn’t act upon it.

In the past two years, I have finally overcame my fear (or laziness) of writing and made it a priority.  It has easily been the best business decision I have ever made.

Wealth is a relative term so although writing can and often does lead to monetary wealth, that is not the only type of wealth I am describing.

When you write, your thoughts become clearer.

When you write, you are focused.

When you write, you learn mastery of language.

When you write, you become a better communicator.

When you write, you are known as a leader.

When you write, you gain confidence.

When you write, you earn trust.

When you write, you develop new skills

When you write, you are better able to help others.

The Bottom Line

I learned countless other lessons during my four days with Jeffrey.  I have pages and pages of notes that I can’t wait to dig into.

These four lessons were at the top of the list and I hope that they bring as much value to you as they did to me.

Question: What has been the greatest sales or life lesson you have learned? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

If you are ever looking for classroom or online sales training based on Jeffrey’s material, let me know.  I am now certified to lead classroom training and help direct you with Jeffrey’s online video training.  I would love to help you as much as he has helped me.

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  • Great summary of the important highlights, Brent. Those points were on my own short list from the certification sessions. My most important sales lesson came from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich:

    “An idea is an impulse of thought that impels action, by an appeal to the imagination. All master salesmen know that ideas can be sold where merchandise cannot. Ordinary salesmen do not know this — that is why they are ordinary.”

    • brentmkelly

      Don, thanks. I love that Napoleon Hill quote. That is terrific. Great meeting you last week. All the best.

    • Chris Cummins

      Great article & summary, Brent. Thank you. And Don; oh my that is a good one from Mr Hill. My most important sales lesson? I learned it the hard way. I consistently over-promised for a few weeks at my first job. Then I learned that under-promising and over-delivering with consistency leads to great things.

  • LOVE me some Gitomer. Haven’t read his stuff in more than two years but his lessons are forever stuck in my mind.

    • brentmkelly

      Matt, as you can tell, I love his stuff as well. He is definitely much more than just a sales trainer. He is a people trainer.

  • Anthony Conklin

    There are so many lessons learned from Jeffery’s books (both sales and personal ones) There are two that are staples in my personal and professional life that seem to resonate with me every day. They are: Be an active listener and seek to understand the customers perspective before you offer your opinion or an answer to a problem. Thank you Jeffrey!

    • brentmkelly

      Anthony, Agreed. I love those lessons. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Good summation of his teachings 🙂