Destination Disease

It seems like everyone is trying to get somewhere fast, even if they aren’t really sure where they are going. I always chuckle at the marketing of fitness products. Some of the products and pitches are downright laughable (remember 7 minute abs, or was it 6 minute abs?). However, these marketing departments know what they […]


McBeath Financial Focus Videocast Series from KRISTA MCBEATH on Vimeo.

I love working and collaborating with other small business owners.  Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Krista McBeath of McBeath Financial Group. Krista is a friend of mine, but more importantly she is adding tremendous value to her clients through her services.

Krista is starting a brand new video series to add additional value to her audience and I was honored with the opportunity to interview her and allow her to share her story.

Krista serves her community in central Illinois and is also a great example of how to market your business through the power of video. Many leaders in financial service based businesses focus on only the technical services of the business, but Krista is a tremendous example of someone who is achieving great success by adding value in numerous ways to her clients.

It’s also fun to try new things and this was my first “official” interview.  You can also listen to the interview here.

What are the ways you are adding value to your clients through new and innovative ideas?

Check out the McBeath Financial Group website, and see why so many people in the Bloomington Normal community choose Krista McBeath for their financial planning, taxes and insurance needs!


The McBeath Financial Group team



The Law of Process

“Champions don’t become champions in the ring, they are merely recognized there.” 

I finished up a 3-week virtchess-strategy-chess-board-leadership-40796ual teaching series today by discussing “The Law Process” and I want to share this recording with my entire audience.

You don’t develop in a day, you develop day by day.  In this teaching I share my very own personal story and share the five phases of leadership growth.

What is your plan for personal growth and develop?

If you don’t have one listen to this call and start the process today.

“Face Your Grizzly”

Listen to the full recording here


Do You Practice Abundance or Scarcity Thinking?

The nine most frustrating words I hear from business leaders is, “That is the way we have always done it.” What this really means to me is, “I am not willing to explore or consider alternative options because that would require extra effort and energy.” An organization may have a good solution, but the never […]


3 Leaderships Concepts Your Insurance Agency Must Examine

I just came back from a 3-day conference bringing together 3,400 people, a world-class faculty, and a global leadership expert who all share in the mission of bringing positive influence into the world. It was the John Maxwell Team International Maxwell Certification Conference in Orlando, FL. The founder is John Maxwell, regarded as the world’s #1 expert […]

John Maxwell IMC event pic

Who are you really attracting to your business?

Every insurance agency wants to attract more ideal customers, but most are not willing to also repel those potential customers that are not a good fit. One of the most common questions insurance agents ask is “How can I attract more prospective customers to grow my book of business?” Part of my answer usually surprises […]

Who are you attracting- (1)

MIPIALogoThis year, I am honored to present at the Michigan Association of Professional Insurance Agents (MIPIA) at their 3rd annual “Unconvention” in Midland, MI on September 29th.

I will be hosting a 3-hour workshop on the principles and practices of dynamic communication and connection for insurance agencies.IMG_7023

I am looking forward to presenting and adding value to a great group of professional agents.

Interested in hiring me to present to your organization? Check out my speaking page.

Speaking Services


Date: September 29, 2016
Time: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Event: MIPIA "Unconvention"
Topic: Principles and Practices of Dynamic Communication for Insurance Agencies
Sponsor: Michigan Association of Professional Insurance Agents
Location: Midland, MI
Public: Private

Join us on July 20th for “Creating Connecting in Your Agency”

Join Brent Kelly of BizzGrizz and Kelly Donahue-Piro of Agency Performance Partners for a webinar event to help your agency create better connections.

The best part is that all proceeds will go to an amazing organization.

For a $25 donation per location of login (have as many people viewing on 1 screen as you like!) you will be helping DVIC, Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers DVIC offers disabled veterans job training, job opportunities, and the prospect of a meaningful career in the insurance industry. The organization offers training, licensing, and employment to highly skilled, tech-savvy heroes and heroines who are mature beyond their years. All proceeds will be going to DVIC, so take a moment to provide your team some training and help a great cause.

Register Now!

More About the Event

The agenda will be focused on 5 main areas for creating connection:

  • Leadership: Creating connection with your team
  • Service: How to truly connect with your customers
  • Sales: How a connected sales process generates more sales
  • Marketing; How to start the process of connecting with prospects

Webinars for a Cause - Facebook

Ways to Participate

  • $25 Donation to DVIC: Allows 1 computer to log into the webinar, have as many people view it as you would like!
  • $50 Donation to DVIC: You can purchase the recorded webinar and workbook, great option for people who can’t attend or would like to view it again!
  • Additional Donations to DVIC will also be accepted
  • Agency Performance Partners will donate $1 for every picture of your team on the webinar posted to social media with the #webinarsforacause

There are 250 seats on the webinar so be sure to reserve your spot today!

Who Should Attend?

Your entire agency, no seriously! This webinar is great for everyone from the marketing person, intern, CSR, producer and owner!

Join Now!

Date: July 20, 2016
Time: 01:00-2:15 p.m. CT
Event: Webinars for a Cause--Creating Connections for Your Agency
Topic: Creating Connection in Your Agency
Public: Public

Being able to communicate and connect increases your influence in every situation.

To achieve success it’s important to realize that it’s not always about talent, it’s not always about experience. The ability to communicate and connect with others is the #1 skill to help agents and agencies succeed. If you can communicate AND connect effectively, it gives you a decided edge in everything you want to accomplish. It’s a mindset.

In this presentation, I share these principles with insurance marketing legend George Nordhaus on his Monday Morning webinar. If you want to stand out and influence your prospects, clients, company partners, and team, you must learn how to truly connect.

Stop Making Things so Complicated

“Life is hard, deliver easy” John C. Maxwell We live in a complex and noisy world. If you ask 10 people how their week is going, I venture to guess that at least half will answer, “busy.” It’s often said that knowledge is power. I firmly believe in the power of knowledge and education, but […]